Powder recovery system

The function of a powder recovery system is to collect the overspray material and render it suitable for recycling and at the same time to remove the powder particles from the exhaust air stream before discharge into the atmosphere.

We provide three types powder recovery system, offers the best solution to eliminate profit loss due to expensive wastage and costly downtime for powder changes.

Mono cyclone + after filters recovery system

It is ideal for single as well as multi color operations. Cyclone separator is used to separate the over sprayed powder in the air-flow. The working principle is based on centrifugal effect.

Multi cyclone + after filters recovery system

It is an improved technology based on mono-cyclone. The small height of cylones allow for easy mobility and faster cleaning operation.

Twin filter cartridge recovery system

Our filter cartridge system is an improved technology, ideal for multi color powder . Normally we equip the filter cartridge at each side of the auto booth, the knock-down design enables really quick color change and easy clean.

سیستم الک پودر

Powder sieving system

During powder spraying process, some powders are not ionized and do not settle down on the intended parts. To recover the powders, they are gathered at recovery section with the aid of cyclone or filters. To reuse the powder and mix the new powder with used one, it is necessary to apply the sieving machine in the process. To reduce cost and optimize the system, the sieving machine can play an effective role in the coating system. It has below features:

– Possible control on vibration rate

– No waste in time or man force

– Powder loss prevention

– Permanent installation on automatic systems

Powder Center System

The advantages of powder center:

– Designed for quick color changes

– Using the powder directly from the original container

– Use of a fluidizing hopper for working with difficult powders

– An independent exhaust air system prevents powder escaping

– An even powder output due to level-controlled injectors

– Automatic internal cleaning of the injectors, hoses and guns

– Optimum powder quality due to built-in sieve machine