Founded in 2005, FANAVARAN group of industries is a manufacturing company devoted to Powder coating. Backed by a decade of experience in coating industry, Fanavaran has been one of the main suppliers of powder coating line equipment and raw materials for paint industry. FANAVARAN powder coating equipment under the brand of Elcoat are powder booth, powder spray gun system, reciprocator, powder coating central control unit, curing oven, powder center, powder recovery system, conveyor system, sieving system, transfer printing machines,.. Our engineering department designs the whole powder coating plant and suggests the most suitable layouts and installations to the customers. Our major projects are carried out in aluminum industry, home appliance industry and metal products industry. We were the first Iranian company to import vertical powder coating line and to supply 48 spray gun systems working together to powder coat a huge amount of 60 tons of aluminum profiles per 8 hours shift. FANAVARAN group of industries with its strong trading infrastructures is the exclusive agent for: – Sanle, China, Manufacturer of Aluminum profile decoral system & powder coating lines – Eurochem Int’l FZE, UAE, Supplier of paint, resin, raw materials and coating equipment We welcome the parties eager to visit our manufacturing site and discuss ways of Mutual Corporation.

Our Vision

.To Produce and To supply the products of high quality with reasonable price and acceptable after sales service to meet the needs of customers

. Offering Technical consulting services to maintain long-term benefits of the customers

. Updating the processes and using the latest technologies in producing the new products

Business Partners

Over the past 15 years, Fanavaran group of industries has been corporating with  several international companies such as Decoral of Italy, Eurochem of UAE, SanLe of China, and many other companies to import goods for Iran market. As a sole agent in the region for certain lines and products, and thanks to our talented, professional business team, we are ready to help interested parties to run their new lines and equipment through our business allies. 

گروه صنعتی فن آوران


Afshin Najafi, the CEO of Fanavaran group of industries has devoted his professional career in powder coating industry for more than 18 years. Having been trained in Switzerland, he is one of the most technical ones in Iran industry in this field. As  an owner and founder of the group, he has a key role in introducing new standard in producing powder coating equipment in Iran.

For direct contact you can email him or call him.

cellphone: 0098-9121764308

Our Customers