Powder Spray Gun System

The fifth series of ELCOAT powder coating system, called Sigma Plus model has some new significant options, in addition to its nice looking appearance and more stable structure. The stable structure of the system gives the operator the possibility to install two units on a system body and they run at the same time using a barrel. The most significant changes in electronic part are to powder coat parts in the corner which is a solution to the physical phenomena of the so-called Faraday cage by easily controlling the flow. Based on the same system advantage, the re-coating of painted parts is possible. It is easy to install and start to work fast. Taking into consideration the fact that the system is fully assembled, the only 2 steps to follow to start the coating job is to connect pneumatic , electricity and earth connections and read the guideline manual inside the package.

Elcoat powder coating system can be easily converted to the one using vibrator instead of powder barrel. This system uses a powerful vibrator which enables the operators to minimize the color change interval time when frequent color change is inevitable and to manage the coating process in an effective manner. The position of powder paint box was designed regarding the slope of the beneath surface to ease the powder transfer process from the box corner to suck completely the powder, and it continues to transfer powder as long as there is the least possible powder in the box. It is easy to adjust the vibrator, and when the optimized setting is used, the vibration motor produces the least noise.

There is a small fluidizing plate at the bottom of powder tube where several inlets are available to avoid powder transfer blockage and powder pass through its way uniformly and continuously to leave gun’s nozzle. While operating, the powder tube is fixed in its place and at cleaning time and color change, it is easy to move and disassemble the parts.

Previous Models of ELCOAT Spray Gun System