The Reciprocator is used for smooth movements of guns for application of liquid paint or powder coating at various speeds & stroke length to suit Conveyor & Jig height respectively. The objective is to achieve uniform spraying of powder or paint on moving objects by precise & smooth up & down movement of guns (stroke) at various speeds.

The spraying guns are mounted on an arm extended from a carriage. It is programmed to move in required stroke lengths & speeds depending on object height for up & down movements of guns & conveyor speed. The carriage is moved up & down on suitable guides through chain driven by a geared motor. The frame supporting the carriage & its structure are made sturdy. The counter weight can be balanced for number of guns used. The wheel castors are provided at bottom to facilitate the easy movement of reciprocator whenever required. The movement is controlled by latest digital AC frequency drive & microprocessor based controller to achieve desired stroke & speed.


Easily adjustable stroke length & speed to suit production needs.

• Precise speed & stroke length.

• Increased production & quality coating.

• Exact stroke length adjustment reduces  powder waste.

• Adjustable chain provides smooth running.

• Reduces maintenance – Only cleaning & lubrication is required periodically.

• Minimizes labor cost.

Previous Models

Central control unit

Central control unit is the heart of automatic powder coating line. It directly controls the powder coating process, the movement of reciprocators and the rate of powder coating. Used in conjunction with the work piece recognition, the control unit monitors all system components. The central control unit is installed in the line and all necessary programs and certain information are restored, so that the operator can monitor the whole coating zone operations, easily and closely. In Sigma Plus model, up to 10 powder spray guns can be monitored and  necessary changes are made in powder coating within a minute. The PLC embedded inside the control unit cabinet, will supervise the reciprocators’ function.

Considering the ease of operation with Elcoat control, you have a grip on all coating parameters. Clear symbols, simple programming and a perfect reproducibility of your results contribute to measurably increase your coating quality. Elcoat central control is suitable for all kinds of applications. Its compact design is very easy to adapt into any plant layout.