Lab Spray Gun System

ELCOAT Lab system is used to test powder samples quality at small scale and has outstanding advantages. Most of lab systems use a small plastic cone which is attached directly to the gun. In this way, actually no powder cloud can be formed as there is no fluidizing. Besides, by using conic shape powder feeding device, there is a poor chance to practically test special powders such as hammer finish powders or those of containing tiny metal parcels. To meet the needs and to get the best results out of lab tests, ELCOAT system is equipped with a small hopper, almost the same as it is seen in industrial systems, which enables the operator to test every powder in industrial conditions. By making use of this high performance system, the powder coating is done uniformly and no powder puff is encountered. The transparent hopper is easy to be disassembled and cleaning the parts takes no time, therefore, several powder tests are possible.


As it is portable and easy to carry, this lab system is strongly recommended to the interested parties such as:

– Powder industry Research and Development (R&D) centers

– Sales, QC and R&D sections of powder coating producers

– Training institutes in the field of powder coating

– University laboratories

– Powder coating line manufacturers

– Factories owning coating line to test powder samples before mass consumption